"My son is taught piano at the Vitta Academy. At first, I was quite worried because my son, 4 years old when he first started, was hyperactive and having difficulty to stay focused. However, his teacher, Ms. Linda has the magic to stimulate my son and keep him sit through the one-hour lesson. After almost 3 years with her, my son's advancement is beyond my imagination."
Belinda L.
"Beside great instructors, the material the academy uses really lays a solid foundation for students. It's challenging, but it will make the students feel confident about their technique and music sense. I highly recommend the academy and its piano teachers!"
Rosa Wang
"My kids have been learning piano at Vitta Academy for 2.5 years now. Ms. Carly is an awesome teacher and as good as it gets. She is passionate about teaching music and genuinely cares about her students. You never get the sense that this is just a job for her. She really loves music and wants all her students to excel. My daughter just took her first RCM exam and got an excellent mark."
Grateful Mom of two
"I am very happy with the way Carly has guided and taught my daughter as a beginner piano student. It was important to me that my daughter felt comfortable with the teacher, but also that proper technique was not overlooked. Carly manages to achieve a balance of both. Her warmth and patience helps my daughter feel comfortable at the lesson, and her attention to detail ensures that my daughter is playing with the proper technique, which is so important in building a strong foundation for the beginner student."
Janette Hew
"My daughter currently studies theory with Mr. Ryan Trew and has studied with him since September 2014. Not only does Mr. Trew have an extensive background in teaching theory, harmony and music history, he also knows how to engage students in the learning process and makes learning theory fun. His patience, dedication to music, organization skills and attention to detail have helped my daughter to achieve a great result on her theory exam and helped her understand important concepts of music theory."
Sabina Dobrer
"Tatiana Ribnitska is a devoted musician and a professional teacher who can inspire love to music and music education in her students. My son always loved music, but now, taking her classes, he has a real passion to music. Tatiana is a concert pianist who can teach how to perform beautifully without fear to the audience. She is a very delicate, and educated person who communicates to her student with deep respect to their personality and great support in developing of their talents."
Tatiana Stroganova
"Mr. Ryan Trew, who is also a composer, is an excellent teacher and communicator in music theory. He connects very well with his students; instill in them an interest, a solid foundation, and a sense of confidence in the subject. Thanks to his efforts my daughter Rachel has gained Distinctions in her exams."
Tom Lee
"Ryan is a very experienced and responsible teacher. He can explain all questions in simple words and Eddy understands it right away. He gave extra practice paper when he found Eddy's mistakes, and he always corrects all the answers until Eddy knows the right way to do it. Eddy is lucky to have Ryan!"
Jennie, Eddy’s mom
"Ms. Carly is a very intelligent teacher. She is patient, and very nice to me. She is one of a kind, and a pleasure to be with. Her teaching is very understandable. In the past three years, I've learned and improved in many ways."
Lynn Chen
Carly has been teaching our daughter for three years. She is a great teacher who knows how to inspire my daughter and is also very patient.