Chess Lessons in Richmond Most Successful Chess Teaching Method by Russian Chess Teacher

Junior level “Pawn”
1 hour lessons (Thursday & Saturday)

Chess Game Basics

Intermediate level “Knight”
1 hour lessons (Thursday & Saturday)

Chess Openings & Endings
Chess Etiquette. Chess Clock

Advanced Level “Queen”
1.5 hour lessons (Saturday)

Chess Strategies
Chess Tactics & Combinations


Why is it good to play Chess?

  • discipline your mind
  • develop perseverance
  • build character
  • learn to make decisions
  • learn to take responsibility
  • develop spatial imagination
  • become smarter


Group Lessons by Semesters $16 / hour

  • Fall Semester – 15 weeks Junior / Intermediate – $225, Advanced – $337.50
  • Winter Semester – 10 weeks Junior / Intermediate – $150, Advanced – $225

Spring Semester – 13 weeks Junior / Intermediate $208, Advanced – $312
Summer Semester – 8 weeks Junior / Intermediate – $128, Advanced – $192

Trial Lessons $20. You can attend up to three trial lessons.

Chess Teacher


Konstantin Pyryaev, Chess Teacher

Konstantin Pyryaev has been playing chess for over 30 years. During his school years, he was the captain of the school chess team at the youth championship “White Rook”. Konstantin was a winner of many chess tournaments and held the champion title at children’s chess club, summer camp, at school, college, and university. Later he became an assistant coach at the chess club and team captain at the regional competitions. Konstantin was very active organizing chess tournaments for children and adults. He was specifically fond of teaching children. His technique is based on a balanced combination of theory and practice. Students do homework and solve problems during the class. Obligatory elements of training are friendlies and tournament games. During training, students learn chess etiquette and acquire skills to play with chess clocks, to keep records of the game and to make an analysis of the chess game. Konstantin believed that playing chess gives everyone the ability to make correct, logically motivated decisions that lead to success. Konstantin is the head of the Vancouver Chess Club “Mikhail Chigorin”. A devoted enthusiast of chess playing, Konstantin encourages regular meetings for children and adults, friendly tournaments and matches with other chess clubs in the city. Konstantin has a blog and a section in the newspaper devoted to chess life in Vancouver.