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Business Policy


To register please contact the administration of the Academy, complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. Registration fee is a non-refundable fee of $30. Registration fee for two or more students from the same family is $45.

The registration fee covers one academic year from September 1 to August 30. It will not be pro-rated for late registrants.


Vitta Academy accepts students throughout the whole academic year. In case the lessons are begun after the beginning of the term, fees are pro-rated according to the number of remaining lessons that will be attended.


Tuition fees are due and payable before the lessons start.

All regular lessons of the Academic year from September to the end of June (see the Vitta Academy Calendar) should be attended and paid for. Students who attend private lessons (piano, flute, guitar, voice etc) should participate in all Academy Recitals and middle year auditions.

Payment methods:

  1. Ten equal payments (post dated cheques) dated first day of each month, Sep 1 to June 1.
  2. (For group lessons only). Semester or Course payments, depending on the structure of the course.

Cheques are payable to: Dr. Victor Shevtsov. All NSF cheques will be charged back to the student at a cost of $20 for each cheque.


Only private lessons (piano, guitar, flute etc.) can be made up. Group lessons, missed for any reason cannot be made up.

If a student missed a lesson due to illness and the office was notified 24 hours in advance – every effort will be made to make it up.

Lessons missed for any other reason cannot be made up. (Please see the Explanation Note for Making up missed lessons).


One month notice in writing to the Office is required if Private lessons are to be discontinued.

If a student drops out of a group lessons course, during the course term, refunds cannot be granted.