Vitta Academy offers music lessons of the highest professional quality. Qualified and experienced teachers of Piano, Flute, Guitar, Voice, Violin and Music Theory classes will prepare you for RCM exams, festivals, competitions, public concerts and will help to develop your musical potential.

Our Piano teachers are trained to use a unique Russian Piano Method created by Victor and Tanya Shevtsov, Vancouver renowned piano teachers. This Ultimate Piano Method allows our piano students to make exceptionally good and fast progress. Read more about “Little Pianist First Steps” Piano Method.

Join our most popular in Richmond Chess Class under the guidance of a Russian Chess Master. Learn chess tactics and strategies and participate in tournaments.

Achievments / Events

Piano and Theory Classes

RCM Examinations Highlights

June & August 2015 Sessions

Janelle Lo, Grade 3 Piano


Rachel Lee, Grade 8 Piano


Lynn Chen Grade 5 Piano


Lynn Chen Grade 5 Piano


January 2016 session

Julian Wong, Intermediate Rudiments


Ariane Li, Intermediate Rudiments


Katherine Xie, Advanced Rudiments


Our Books


The book offers insight into various teaching approaches and practical suggestions for getting started, both for parents who dream of their children becoming concert pianists as well as for those who simply want to introduce them to music and the piano, in particular. The author’s recommendations are based on the conviction that piano lessons—or instruction on any other musical instrument—can be fun, but should also be taken seriously, regardless of the child’s innate abilities or goals.
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  • "My son is taught piano at the Vitta Academy. At first, I was quite worried because my son, 4 years old when he first started, was hyperactive and having difficulty to stay focused. However, his teacher, Ms. Linda has the magic to stimulate my son and keep him sit through the one-hour lesson. After almost 3 years with her, my son's advancement is beyond my imagination."
    Belinda L.
  • "Beside great instructors, the material the academy uses really lays a solid foundation for students. It's challenging, but it will make the students feel confident about their technique and music sense. I highly recommend the academy and its piano teachers!"
    Rosa Wang
  • "My kids have been learning piano at Vitta Academy for 2.5 years now. Ms. Carly is an awesome teacher and as good as it gets. She is passionate about teaching music and genuinely cares about her students. You never get the sense that this is just a job for her. She really loves music and wants all her students to excel. My daughter just took her first RCM exam and got an excellent mark."
    Grateful Mom of two